When most people think about using a storage container rental or some type of self-storage, they usually think about it holding personal belongings, such as furniture, seasonal decorations and other things that most homes don’t have room to store. However, commercial business owners use shipping container storage even more often than residential users and for many different reasons.

Whether you decide to purchase, lease or rent commercial storage in New Bedford, the sizes and types of storage units available are the same. Choose from ground level standard and high cube size commercial storage or dock height commercial storage units that can be loaded and unloaded easily from a loading dock. Valtran provides the opportunity for businesses to buy or rent commercial storage in New Bedford from a reliable source with over a decade of experience that operates locally in the New England area.

Commercial Storage in New Bedford

Regardless of the type of business you run, there is always a point when you realize that there is absolutely no more space in which to store your seasonal items, extra merchandise stock, paperwork, customer files and other important things required to run your business. Using an off-site storage facility means having to drive your things around town to store and retrieve them. A commercial storage container rental allows you to access your things whenever you need them, making it practical for a number of different industries across the board.

Commercial Storage for Retail use

The retail industry is always in need of more space. This is particularly true around the holiday season when extra stock is required in order to meet the demands of consumers and to stay on top of potential trends. Being able to take advantage of that extra stock can mean the difference between a very profitable holiday shopping season and a missed opportunity. After the holidays, storage space is also needed to hold holiday decorations and extra displays that were used to market your merchandise to shoppers. The better organized your stock room, the quicker you will be able to serve your customers when they visit your store. Commercial storage containers can be a great way to remove excess things from your shop that can get in the way of your inventory, such as corporate files, janitorial items, extra office furniture and other things that can clutter up your store room.

Restaurant Storage

The food service industry also needs a lot of space to make sure that they are able to keep up with customer demands. Extra tables, glassware, linens and other items that are required in order to accommodate an increase in patrons during certain times of the year. Summertime service could include outdoor seating on the patio that would need to be protected during the winter season. In the summer months, holiday decorations need a place to be stored. A commercial storage container rental or purchase in New Bedford can be very beneficial to a restaurant or coffee shop business.

Commercial Storage for CONSTRUCTION Professionals

One business that really relies on the storage container rentals is the construction industry. From large businesses to small contractors, commercial storage in New Bedford for the job site can be used to protect and secure tools, parts, materials and equipment from unauthorized access on fenced-in lots where work is being done. This type of commercial storage can be used for both residential remodeling projects and commercial business projects, to protect the furniture and other belongings of the client during renovation. Storage can also be used to house invoices, records and other types of paperwork at a construction company’s main business site. This is especially useful if you need more room for office staff, and need a safe place to store the things you don’t use every day.

Commercial Storage LAWYERS/LEGAL Industry

Compared to other types of businesses, lawyers and legal clinics produce and need to hang onto more paperwork than most. Client files and other documents can quickly fill up an office space, making it difficult to go about daily business and meet with clients. Lawyers who rent commercial storage in New Bedford in the form of Valtran’s storage containers can greatly benefit from the extra space, clean up their offices of all the paperwork clutter and feel safe in putting important documents into a safe storage container rental that is protected by their own security staff and is watched 24/7.


Medical clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals and emergency healthcare centers can all benefit from renting commercial storage in New Bedford. In addition to mountains of patient files, records, X-rays and other documentation, healthcare businesses often need to have a lot of space available for keeping medical equipment and supplies. Using on site storage for business is more beneficial than off site storage, as employees can retrieve important items, supplies and equipment if they are needed, while using the storage to make space within the clinic to treat more patients.

Commercial Storage in New Bedford

Valtran delivers and sets up commercial storage containers for businesses throughout the northeastern states, including all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York. Contact our friendly and helpful local customer service agents for more information on how to purchase, lease or rent commercial storage in New Bedford. Our team will place your storage container rental wherever you like, according to your specifications. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate or to get more information on a storage container rental.