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For Sale: Storage Containers, Mobile Office Trailers, Dock Height Storage Trailers & Storage Container Accessories

At Valtran, we’re a family-owned operation that takes pride in serving New England’s residents and businesses. We have an variety of products for sale, including durable storage containers, mobile office trailers, dock height storage units, and storage container accessories like container canopy shelters.

Our portable storage containers provide exceptional convenience and value when compared to traditional storage solutions. Whether you need a permanent storage solution for your home renovation project or business, our containers are a superior choice. Crafted from steel, our mobile storage containers ensure the utmost security, protecting your items from theft and inclement weather. Simply place an order, and once delivered, fill it up at your convenience. If you ever want us to move it for you we can as long as it’s not filled with more than 3,000 pounds. Give us a call or fill out our quote form to get more information!

We also offer a range of accessories for sale to enhance your storage experience. From locks to span roofing, we have everything to make your storage container fully functional and tailored to your needs.

Looking for a reliable, fully functional workspace at your permanent location? The mobile office trailers we have for sale come fitted with amenities like air conditioning, heating, and electrical connections, providing you with an efficient workspace that can be delivered within 24 business hours.

The dock height storage trailers we have for sale are a popular choice among businesses equipped with a loading dock. We sell storage trailers in various sizes and configurations. We offer transportation services to move your trailer should you ever need to move your unit.

Our canopy canopy shelters are perfect for creating an outdoor storage space and are designed with strong, galvanized steel to withstand a range of weather conditions. With a 50-year lifespan, We ensure high-quality installation, offering manuals and technician support for your convenience.

Guidance for your Purchase

Our dedicated sales team is always ready to assist with any queries related to our products for sale. We enjoy offering valuable advice on how to best use your purchased storage container no matter your application, just give us a call!