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Portable Storage Containers for Sale | Valtran

Used Storage Containers for Sale

These containers come straight from cargo shipping lines in a variety of colors and a bit of surface rust. Although they are not brand new they still offer secure and watertight storage. This makes them ideal for those requiring portable water-tight storage and not overly concerned about aesthetics.


Here are the types of used storage containers for sale:


Refurbished Storage Containers for Sale

Our refurbished storage containers offer you the chance to get like-new storage container at a lesser cost. We take used containers, fix any issues, grind them down, and apply a fresh coat of grey paint. The result? A sturdy, more attractive unit that’s ready for all of your storage needs.


Here are the types of refurbished storage containers for sale:


New Storage Containers for Sale​

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line storage, our new containers won’t disappoint. These units are fresh off the manufacturing line, featuring easy-to-open doors, fresh door seals, and a pristine powder coated appearance. New units are ideal for those who requiring the best available storage solution.


Here are the types of new storage containers for sale:


  • 10′ New Storage Containers for Sale: These compact new containers provide secure storage that’s perfect for small businesses or residential use. With their fresh, easy-to-open doors and seals, these units offer optimal performance.

  • Standard 20′ New Storage Containers for Sale: Offering ample space, these 20-foot new containers are a versatile choice for businesses and individuals alike. They’re a fresh, reliable solution for a variety of storage needs.

  • Side Door 20′ New Storage Containers for Sale: These units feature side doors for easy access and the organization of your items. Their brand-new condition makes them an ideal solution for businesses requiring frequent access to their stored items.

  • Double Door 20′ New Storage Containers for Sale: With doors on both ends, these new containers ensure efficient loading and unloading of items. Their fresh-off-the-line status makes them a particularly valuable asset for construction sites or events.

  • Standard 40′ New Storage Containers for Sale: Need a lot of storage space? These 40-foot new containers are a perfect fit for businesses or large-scale residential moves. Their brand-new condition ensures maximum reliability and longevity.

  • Double Door 40′ New Storage Containers for Sale: These units offer the same benefits as the 20-foot new containers, but with twice the storage capacity. They’re an ideal solution for businesses needing substantial storage space and regular access from both ends.

  • High Cube 40′ New Storage Containers for Sale: These units provide the most storage space among all our new containers. The added height allows for the storage of large items or for stacking items higher. They’re an optimal choice for businesses with large-scale storage needs.

  • High Cube Double Door 40′ New Storage Containers for Sale: Combining the benefits of high cube and double door designs, these new containers offer maximum accessibility and storage capacity. They’re the perfect solution for businesses with substantial storage requirements.

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