Studies have shown that the one thing that most retail businesses have in common is that they are in desperate need of more space for seasonal displays, specialty promotions, record-keeping file cabinets and merchandise. With commercial rental and lease space at such a premium, many businesses are forced to move into locations that aren’t quite as large as they would like in order to save money on overhead costs – especially for new businesses.

When it comes to having space to store all of the things that you require to operate and grow your company, portable storage containers can be an excellent solution, providing business owners and stock managers with room to store everything on-site without having to rent a larger commercial space. More businesses are now using mobile containers in New Bedford than ever before, allowing them to expand storage space and stock enough products to keep up with consumer demands. In some situations, mobile storage containers have now become a “must have” requirement for businesses that are looking to increase sales and profits.

What is Temporary Commercial Storage?

Chances are high that you have seen mobile containers in New Bedford at various businesses, on-site at construction projects or even next to and behind hospitals or medical centers throughout the area. They are used by a number of different businesses, including retail oriented companies, to increase the amount of space available to store important documents, merchandise, equipment, tools, materials, seasonal items and more.

Mobile storage containers are often made from standard shipping or cargo containers, used for international transport of goods and merchandise to and from overseas. They are made from strong, durable heavy-duty steel construction and are used to protect products and other items from water, wind and weather. All that is required is a flat, stable surface for these portable storage containers to be delivered and installed. Many businesses use them on a temporary, semi-permanent and permanent basis to provide year-round storage.

When you rent, lease or purchase mobile storage containers from Valtran, choose from:

  • 10, 20 and 40 foot long standard, long ground level storage containers
  • 20 and 40 foot long high cube ground level storage containers
  • 28, 38 and 53 foot long trailer dock height storage containers

Top Advantages Associated With Using Mobile Containers in New Bedford

In the world of business, it pays to think outside the box. Companies need to be aggressively flexible, efficient and cost-effective in order to stay ahead of the competition to grow and expand their business. This is especially true in highly competitive areas, such as New Bedford and the Greater Boston area, where there are literally dozens of competing businesses lurking around every corner.

  • INCREASES OFFICE SPACE – When you move your excess stock items, file cabinets, office furniture, supplies and seasonal storage items to a temporary commercial storage, you are able to increase office space for your employees. This can free you up to hire additional staff members, extra workstations for the online arm of your business or expand your showroom floor for walk-in customers to view your products and other merchandise.
  • SAVES MONEY – It is true that using mobile storage containers can save you money on monthly retail space rentals. If you can add portable storage containers to your current location, you will have all of the room that you need to store your products, merchandise, supplies and other items, while using your rented retail space for providing services to your customers. This can help reduce your rental or lease costs, especially in high rent areas. No long-term commitment is required for these temporary commercial storage units, allowing you to use them for chunks of time according to your own particular needs.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY – All of the items that you place in your mobile containers in New Bedford will be safeguarded from the elements – wind, water and weather – providing you with protection for valuable records-keeping, computers, tools, equipment, merchandise, parts and other products that you use each and every day. Add your own heavy-duty lock to the steel construction mobile storage containers to prevent vandals, thieves and other unauthorized access to your stored items. You can add extra security in the way of security guards, video monitoring and alarms for additional protection, depending on the location and overall security of your store.
  • EASY ACCESS TO STORAGE – Compared to other storage options, such as using an off-site self-storage facility in the New Bedford area, temporary commercial storage helps businesses to save time and money in driving across town to access the storage throughout its use. Having your mobile storage containers on-site lets you gain access to your stored items any time that you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Put more items in, take some items out; switch out seasonal decorations and displays – the possibilities are endless. On-site portable storage containers make it easy for remodeling, renovation and other retail space improvement projects as well!
  • SIMPLE FUTURE MOVES – If your company really begins to take off and you need to move to a new location, keeping your seasonal, excess product and other supply storage items inside of mobile containers in New Bedford can make it easier to change locations. If you are renting or leasing, simply contact Valtran and ask our team to move your temporary commercial storage to the new location. Again, all we require is a flat, level surface to install your mobile storage containers. Just make sure that all of your items are safely secured and tied down inside of the portable storage containers before the move.

Where to Get Mobile Containers in New Bedford

Valtran has been providing the rental, lease and sale of quality temporary commercial storage in the New Bedford area for over a decade. We also rent portable office space and temporary fence rentals to commercial, industrial and construction clients throughout the region. Valtran provides delivery and set up services of mobile storage containers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey, helping you to expand and grow your business anywhere in the northeastern states. Give us a call at 1-800-813-2188 for a FREE estimate or to learn more about our rental, lease and purchase options.