Humans need storage. We need it at our homes. We need it at the office. We need it on construction or industrial sites. Sometimes we need permanent storage solutions, while other times we simply need temporary onsite storage while we remodel, renovate, redecorate or make expansions. Whatever the reason, there never seems to be enough storage, but there is a simple solution: commercial storage containers.

Valtran provides local business owners, residential homeowners and even construction companies with tough, durable, safe and secure shipping container storage rental units that can be used to store office equipment, file cabinets, furniture, collectible items, materials and parts, tools, overstock inventory, store displays and much more. With over 10 years of experience serving the needs of local customers with Fall River business storage containers, Valtran has several different size and style options to suit your every need.

How to Use Shipping Containers as Temporary Onsite Storage

If you have never used a container storage rental service like Valtran before, but are in need of temporary onsite storage at your business, home or job site, we will explore some tips and ideas that can help you to have the best experience possible when you rent, lease or purchase commercial storage containers.

  • DELIVERY SERVICE – Choose a company that will deliver and set up your container storage rental according to your specifications. Valtran provides this service to all of our clients and can help you select the best location for your temporary onsite storage to help you make the most out of your rental. All you need is a firm and level foundation, such as concrete, asphalt or even compacted dirt.
  • STORAGE PERMITS – Check with your local city ordinance to find out if you need to have a building permit for your temporary onsite storage if it isn’t set up on a permanent foundation. Most cities do not require this, but it pays to make sure before you have your Fall River business storage containers delivered.
  • BE CLEAR ON COSTS – Speak with a customer service representative and get a FREE estimate on how much it will cost for your container storage rental based on the size and type you want, as well as the amount of time you want to rent or lease it. Consider purchasing commercial storage containers if you will be using the space for long-term or permanent use.
  • SECURITY MEASURES – You put your stuff into a temporary onsite storage to protect it and keep it safe, that’s why it pays to get a quality lock or lock box to make sure that unauthorized persons don’t break into it and steal or vandalize your belongings. Some businesses also place their container storage rental inside of a security fence and have their business monitored by drive-by or onsite security for an even higher level of protection.
  • CLEANING/MAINTENANCE – Keep your commercial storage containers clean and neat. You can reduce or minimize any smells by spreading coffee grounds along the edges of the container and then sweeping it away after a couple of days. Like any storage space, moth balls or scent products can also be used to keep your things from absorbing smells or creating a smell over time.
  • VENTILATION OPTIONS – You can add ventilation or even HVAC units to your container storage rental to make sure that the items you are storing stay safe from excessive temperature changes outdoors. Speak with a Valtran representative about the options that are available for all of our Fall River business storage containers, whether you rent, lease or buy.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE – Even if you think you will only need the smallest size of container storage rental, take time to think about all of the other things that you might want to store inside commercial storage containers while they are onsite. Speak with a representative about the different pricing levels based on the size or type of temporary onsite storage to see if it is worth it to upgrade to the next size.

Why Container Storage Rental Units Work

One of the best reasons to rent commercial storage containers is to make room for things you aren’t using now, but will need to use in some way in the future. For business owners in the South Coast area, this can include seasonal items, store displays, tools or other things that are only used in the cold months or only used in the warm months.

Moving these items into a temporary onsite storage can help you to make room for the things you need to now and can enable you to expand your office, increase your inventory in advance of a big sale or protect your things during a remodel. Having your things onsite where you can access them whenever you want is a huge advantage over off-site storage units, eliminating the need to drive across town and haul things back and forth.

Call Valtran today to get a FREE estimate quote on all of our Fall River business storage containers. We provide delivery and set up services to clients throughout the northeastern states, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York.