One of the most challenging aspects of doing residential construction for remodeling or renovation purposes, is where to put the client’s furniture and other belongings so they will be safe and protected from dust, dirt and damage throughout the project. While some homeowners have extra space in an attic, basement or garage where things can be kept, others may be limited in the amount of space that they have in which to store such things. On the other hand, antiques, family heirlooms and other prized possessions would be better off being protected in a storage space that is designed for protecting items from wind, water and weather, such as a residential construction storage unit.

What is Container Storage?

The container storage that is used for construction job site storage in Boston is the same type of units that are also used for residential construction storage. Made from heavy-duty steel construction, container storage is a great way to provide protection for tools and materials on a job site, as well as for the client’s furniture and other belongings while you work. Valtran provides delivery of construction storage containers for residential jobs throughout the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York region, allowing construction crews, contractors and homeowners alike to take advantage of these quality storage units.

There are many advantages associated with using residential construction storage. The convenience of having the stored items kept on site for better security and client access throughout the process of the remodel or renovation, being the most frequently noted examples. Cost savings come from the ease of use, with the client only needing to load the items into the container storage and not having to car their belongings back and forth across the city during the home project. Valtran does not require long term rental agreements, allowing customers to rent the construction job site storage in Boston for a matter of days, weeks, months or more, depending on their needs. Just call to deliver and call again to pickup – it really is that easy.

Why Construction Storage Containers are a Good Choice

Another reason why using residential construction storage units instead of having the homeowner cart their items across town is the safety and protection of the items themselves. When it comes to moving large furniture, antiques or electronics, the less the items are moved and handled, the better. Legs of tables can become loose, wooden items can get dinged and large flat panel televisions can get dropped. Only having to move these items from the home and out to the street or driveway where the construction storage containers are set up, reduces that opportunity for accidents to occur.

Not only is it more convenient for the homeowner to look in on and check on their things, but it can also help them get things that they need or add other things to the storage without having to rent another moving truck or spend all day moving items across town. A home renovation or remodel can be very frustrating for the homeowner. This is especially true if the project is scheduled to go on for longer than just a couple of weeks. Adding on a new room, renovating a historical landmark home or even just remodeling a kitchen with all new appliances and flooring, can require a lot more time than most homeowners realize. Providing them with container storage on-site is a great way to ease some of the stress.

Tips for Protecting Furniture and Belongings During Storage

Whether you load your client’s furniture and belongings into construction storage containers or if they elect to do that part for themselves, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that those items are stored properly and are protected from potential damage. Here are some tips that you can use for proper use of construction job site storage in Boston or can pass on to your clients that will help them pack their things carefully for container storage.

  • USE PACKING MATERIALS – Wrap expensive, fragile or otherwise easy-to-break items with professional packing materials and pack them carefully into boxes or plastic bins for storage.
  • STACK WISELY – Never stack heavy materials or boxes on top of things that are lighter in weight or that might crush easily under the weight of the heavier items. Proper stacking will also prevent boxes from falling over during storage.
  • USE BLANKETS OR WRAPS – Cover furniture, especially wood or antiques, with furniture blankets or specially designed wraps to protect it from damage while it is placed in residential construction storage.
  • PLACE FURNITURE WISELY – Another great tip for better packing is to put furniture to the back of the container storage and along the sides. This gives you the middle space to use for navigating inside of the construction storage containers in case you need to get something and for easier packing of other materials that are in storage.

Where to Get Residential Construction Storage in Boston

If you are interested in learning more about using container storage for residential clients in the Greater Boston area, contact Valtran. Our team of experienced and well-trained customer service agents can provide you with a FREE estimate on our services, including the use of container storage in New England. Valtran provides delivery, set up and removal services to customers throughout the northeastern states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. For more information on Valtran and all of the services we provided, contact us at 1-800-813-2188.