When looking into mobile office solutions in Boston and the different ways that they are used, it pays to consider how local law enforcement have used portable office trailers to improve the way that they serve the public. Whether you are looking at getting an office trailer rental or you are interested in purchasing one for long-term or customized use, there are many different ways that Boston office trailers can be used to your advantage. While some of the ideas included here are way out of the scope for the average local business, the examples are included to show just how flexible an office trailer rental can be.


Law enforcement is one of those areas where paperwork is a must. While a lot of companies are able to reduce the amount of paper that they use within their offices, police stations are forced to continue to rely heavily on physical paper forms, reports and other documents in order to do their job. From reports filed by citizens to paperwork filled out by officers following a call, each police station and law enforcement agency creates a mountain of fresh paperwork each day.

Despite best attempts by administrators to put many reports on computer by encouraging officers to simply fill out an intranet-based form, most police stations will still need ample space to store files, paperwork and evidence. Using an office trailer rental as an overflow for excess paperwork on a permanent basis or as a temporary solution while a better organizational system is researched and implemented can be very beneficial. Using storage tools, filing cabinets and systems to tackle this overwhelming amount of paperwork is highly recommended.


A study was recently published that included some pretty interesting information about an outdoor training range that is owned and operated by the New Bedford Police Department. They recently added an indoor facility to provide night firing and decision making training for officers from Dartmouth, New Bedford and other surrounding towns in the South Coast area. The indoor facility was created by using unrenovated portable office trailers that could be used to project video image scenarios that officers could potentially encounter out on the streets.

What is most interesting is the use of the old office trailer rental for this purpose. Officers who trained there would shoot actual bullets through the portable office trailers that would pass out onto a dirt berm. The used Boston office trailers were ventilated to improve air quality during training and additional phases of training were conducted outside of the trailer to engage the officers in additional scenarios and situations. While the study focused most on the air quality and exposure to lead for officers, the use of portable office trailers goes to show the many different ways that they can be used.


When it comes to providing police protection to participants in local events, the mobile office solutions in Boston that come from an office trailer rental can’t be beat. Using Boston office trailers, police departments can create a mobile station that will allow them to better serve the needs of the community during a festival or other large event. A place to interview or temporarily detain suspects, speak with participants, issue citations, conduct initial processing or even just as a spot to charge radios, meet with supervisors or serve as a portable break room area throughout the event can be really advantageous.

Many departments across the country will use customized portable office trailers for this purpose. Most of the office trailer rental units have wiring, windows, doors and HVAC systems already built-in or are easy to add, depending on your unique needs. Built from heavy-duty steel construction, Boston office trailers are strong enough to stand up to the punishment that can come from use by law enforcement officials on a repeated basis. Stairs, wheelchair ramps and other Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) equipment can be added to be more accessible by the public, as needed.


Another option for the use of mobile office solutions in Boston is to serve as an information center for law enforcement departments. In some situations, a temporary information center or office is beneficial to citizens or visitors to a certain event or area within the city. Having the ability to use portable office trailers to provide such a location can help departments to better serve the needs of the people that they are hired to protect. Computer workstations, telephone lines, meeting rooms and other specific areas can all be set up and added to customize the office trailer rental to suit your needs.

Information can be posted on the walls via bulletin boards, pamphlets can be made available and other instructional tools can be used within the walls of the Boston office trailers. Information centers can also be towed and brought to local schools, campuses and other areas where instruction from law enforcement could be beneficial to children, students and other groups. For long term use, shelving and other tools can be added that will allow supplies of informational booklets and pamphlets to be saved for future use and distribution within the local community.

Where to Get an Office Trailer Rental in Boston

So whether you would like to use mobile office solutions in Boston for local law enforcement purposes or if you would like to find out more about using portable office trailers for your commercial or industrial business, contact Valtran direct. With over ten years of experience providing quality office trailer rental equipment to our customers, Valtran also offers long-term lease and purchasing options as well. Call us today at 1-800-813-2188 to get a FREE estimate or to schedule delivery of one of our portable office trailers.