Whether you have used storage containers for rent at your construction site before or not, when it comes to purchasing a storage container, there some things you need to know before the sale is final. If you have never seriously looked at purchasing mobile storage containers, this article will give you some tips and ideas of things that you might not have considered. If you have any questions about Fall River storage for construction outside of what it outlined here, feel free to contact the Valtran customer service agents for assistance.

How Can a Construction Storage Container Be Used

There are lots of ways that mobile storage containers can be used, even beyond the applications typically seen at a construction site. A storage container can be used to store a recreational vehicle or motorcycle, it can serve as a basic on-site storage, as a temporary workshop, as an office at a job site, as food storage or as a traveling office.

For construction companies, a storage container is great for storing tools, materials, parts, equipment and anything else that you want to protect. Fall River storage for construction adds an extra layer of protection beyond using security fencing and hiring a patrol service for your job site. It helps you to gain control over those items that you store from visitors – authorized or unauthorized – as well as from crew members with sticky fingers.

Additional locks and security can be added, especially when purchasing mobile storage containers, to help protect your job site storage. A flood light over the door makes it easier for security or video monitoring to spot vandals and thieves, while lock box entry systems prevent locks from being cut and items from being stolen. There are lots of different ways that construction site owners can use a storage container to their advantage.

Where Can Mobile Storage Containers Be Delivered?

Valtran provides delivery and set up services to clients throughout the northeastern states. We work with construction companies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Our crew can deliver and set up our storage containers for rent and move them to your next location when you are ready. However, if you are ready to purchase a storage container, you should make sure that you are prepared to move it yourself. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have the means to move a storage container from one job site to the next?
  • Do you have room to store your mobile storage containers between jobs?
  • Do you have crew members who know how to set up Fall River storage for construction properly for best results?

A storage container needs to be set up on level, firm ground. On a construction site this could be on compacted dirt, grass or, if available, on concrete or asphalt. One way to evaluate whether or not your crew would be able to take on the job of setting up mobile storage containers on the job site is to get one of our storage containers for rent. Have your foreman or crew members watch our crew do the delivery, setup and breakdown at the end of the job.

What to Look for in a Storage Container

Before you purchase mobile storage containers, you also need to consider where you will make your purchase. Valtran sells a wide variety of Fall River storage for construction that you can use for your job site. Choosing to work with a reputable company that you can trust will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can come from just buying a storage container online or from an unknown source.

  • INSPECT the container to make sure that it is in good condition
  • CHECK to see that the storage container is water-tight
  • LOOK for any damage, including dents, rust or worn off paint
  • ASK questions about the mobile storage containers to make sure they will perform in the way that you need them to perform

When you buy a new car, truck or other piece of equipment for your business, you do research, look around and ask a lot of questions. The same should go for purchasing a storage container. You want to make sure that the mobile storage containers you are considering are in good condition before you make an investment. This might seem like common sense, but it can really make the difference between getting a return on your investment or getting stuck with a storage container you can’t use.

Valtran provides quality storage containers for rent and for sale. We have offices located throughout the New England area and can deliver our quality Fall River storage for construction to your job site or office anywhere in the northeastern region. All of our mobile storage containers are designed to help provide safety and security to our clients who work in the construction industry. Call us today for a FREE estimate on rentals or for price quotes on purchasing a storage container