One of the benefits of purchasing portable storage containers instead of renting is having the ability to modify your container storage to suit your needs. This can be particularly helpful in the construction field, where construction storage solutions will be even more advantageous if they are designed to fit your particular requirements. While there are some customizations that can be done to a basic Fall River job site storage rental, such as adding extra security or shelving units for better control over supplies and tools, there are limitations. Purchasing your own container storage unit will give you the most flexibility and options with regard to modifications and upgrades for your construction business.

Take a look at the different types of modifications below that can be done to portable storage containers. While of course the only limits to the number and type of changes that you can make to your container storage are your budget, your needs and, of course, whether you own or are using a Fall River job site storage rental. The examples below will help you to see some things that others have done and perhaps inspire you to find and create your own construction storage solutions and modifications.

Entry Doors

What better place to start at than the door? The entry of your container storage was originally intended to be used in an industrial fashion for shipping, which is why a standard container comes with cargo doors. In a construction setting, cargo doors can be very functional, so you will probably want to keep them on for loading and unloading your supplies and equipment. However, you might want to consider adding a single access door to the side or other end of the portable storage container to make daily use easier.

Some of the entry options available can vary quite widely and will depend on your particular needs. Choose the entry style that gives you the most advantage.

  • INDIVIDUAL DOORS – There are three different types of regular doors that are a standard three feet in width, that can be added to your construction storage solutions. One is the “residential” door, which is a wood door that is covered in a metal skin. This is a “light duty” door that is not recommended for secure construction sites. The “industrial” style door is a solid panel steel door, which can be used safely in any situation or location. A third option is a steel door that has a security swing arm, which allows for a pad lock to be placed inside of a lock box so it is not susceptible to being cut off with bolt cutters for extra security on a high-risk job site.
  • ROLL-UP DOORS – One way to make accessing your container storage easier is to add roll-up doors, which can come in size ranges between 4-10 feet in width and are available in “standard” or heavy duty options. They “roll up” like a garage door or industrial storage unit. The type you choose will depend on the height of the container – standard height or high cube containers – and the material used to make the door. Choose from a basic galvanized steel or anodized metal aluminum depending on your needs.


The next most common modification is to add windows. Believe it or not, windows are a really affordable way to add natural light into the length of your container storage. Choose from a number of different sizes and consider adding security bars for use in construction sites that have a high security risk. A two foot by three foot double pane window is the most popular choice. A slightly larger high-ranking option would be a three foot by three foot double pane window. Both are fully functioning and usually come with a screen for ventilation benefits.


Another option that we see a lot of in the New England region is the use of HVAC inside portable storage containers. Speak with a representative at Valtran about getting HVAC inside your Fall River job site storage rental to protect your materials and gear year-round. Depending on the size of the area that you want to temperature control and the amount of outside-to-inside difference you wish to maintain, different HVAC options are available.

  • WINDOW UNIT – A cheap and effective way to cool down the inside of your construction storage solutions without having to spend a lot of money.
  • WALL UNIT – A commercial quality HVAC system can be installed for cooling and heating, providing a year-round solution. This is a common choice in northeastern states where temperature ranges can vary widely, depending on the season.
  • VENTILATION – In some situations, an air conditioner might not be necessary, but a ventilation system would be beneficial. Ceiling vents and even air ducts can be added to improve the flow of air in your container storage unit.
  • EXHAUST FANS – Another way to improve the air quality inside your portable storage container is to add an exhaust fan. This is particularly helpful in situations where materials are stored.


When you rent or purchase container storage units, they do not come finished or insulated on the inside. If you would benefit from insulating your portable storage containers or would like to create a more finished look and feel on the inside, there are options available to choose from for this type of modification.

  • FIBERGLASS ROLL – One of the most affordable ways to insulate and finish your storage is to use fiberglass roll insulation. It can be installed directly on the walls between wood studs and then covered behind plywood with a fiberglass panel overlay for best results. The overlay gives a waterproof surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • RIGID FOAM PANEL – Easy to install using a steel studded interior, this foam panel made from polystyrene can be used to increase insulation by as much as R-5 per inch. Panels can be covered with plywood or remain exposed, depending on your needs.
  • SPRAY FOAM – The use of spray foam insulation will not only add insulation properties to your container storage, but it will also increase the air barrier and add a vapor barrier to the unit. It can be sprayed as thickly as needed to achieve your desired results.


One of the best things you can do to upgrade your container storage and make it more useful is to install lights, outlets and other electrical options. Overhead lighting can make it easier to retrieve tools, parts and materials, while a flood light over the door outside can increase security when you are off-site. Speak with a Valtran representative for more information about available electrical and lighting options for Fall River job site storage rental units and purchased construction storage solutions.

Where to Get Container Storage in Southeastern Massachusetts?

If you are in the market to rent or purchase portable storage containers for construction, industrial, commercial or residential needs, contact Valtran. With over a decade of experience providing quality container storage to our clients, our team of customer service representatives can help you choose the best construction storage solutions for your next project. Select one of our durable Fall River job site storage rental units or talk to our sales reps about purchasing container storage for your business. We can deliver your portable storage containers anywhere in the northeastern region, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New Jersey and New York.