When it comes time to pack up your things, whether you are using Fall River storage for homeowners or require commercial storage containers for your business, it really pays to do it right. Taking the time to get all of the packing materials that you will need ahead of time and learning how to properly pack your things to prevent breakage, scratching or other types of damage is the best way to do any type of move.

Many Reasons to Pack, Move and Store Your Belongings

You might be using container storage units on a temporary basis to move your things out of the building while you remodel or renovate. You could rent a storage container to hold excess merchandise and products during a busy sale season. You might even take advantage of Fall River moving and storage containers to relocate your home or business to another part of town, another city or another state within the northeastern region. Whatever your needs, whatever your goals, Valtran can deliver container storage units that will help you get the job done.

Valtran has a wide variety of quality commercial storage containers that can be used by homeowners, contractors, business owners and commercial service providers for an unlimited variety of reasons. There are many different industries and business models that rely regularly on container storage units for their everyday business requirements. Choose from a variety of models, sizes and types available, ranging from 10, 20 and 40 foot rectangular ground level storage units to high cube storage in 20 and 40 foot options, as well as dock height container storage units that can be used commercially with loading dock access.

Choosing the Best Boxes

The first thing you will want to consider is the boxes that you will use for your move. Think about how long your items will be inside of the Fall River storage for homeowners or business owners, what things you will be storing and whether or not you will need access to them throughout the time that they are being stored inside of the commercial storage containers.

  • Cardboard Boxes – Great for a quick move from point A to point B. Not really designed for long-term storage. Can be easily adapted to multiple sizes and types of objects using bubble wrap, packing paper and foam peanuts. Cheap, affordable and easy to use.
  • Plastic Boxes – Excellent choices for longer term storage. Great at keeping out all sorts of problems like dust, dirt, moisture and critters. Can be easily stacked inside of your container storage units and handles make them easy to move around. Cost is a little higher than cardboard boxes, but they are much more durable and long-lasting.
  • Banker Boxes – Most offices use these types of storage units regularly. Great for super sturdy storage, sorting and organization of papers. Often used to hold tax paperwork and labeled by month or year. Handles make them easy to move and uniform size makes them easy to stack. Use with a metal storage shelving unit for better organization and protection of boxes, as well as the paperwork, files and things inside.
  • Storage Boxes – Specialty boxes designed for use with commercial storage containers. Super high quality materials and an interior liner board to provide extra strength over longer periods of time. Chemically treated to prevent mold, mildew and critters from growing on or in the boxes. Crush tested to last for several months when stacked or even longer when used on metal shelving inside your Fall River moving and storage containers.

Where to Get Boxes for Moving and Storage?

Office supply store, moving supply companies, moving truck rental companies, big box home improvement stores and even online retail stores are the best options available for getting quality packing solutions for Fall River storage for homeowners and commercial storage containers. Avoid getting your boxes through “free” or “cheap” resources, which often end up being a total waste of time and money. Used boxes can be infested with insects, contain mold or mildew and have other issues after being stored inside of an offsite storage facility or in someone’s garage.

Choose from a variety of different sizes and types of boxes that can be used to hold all of your sensitive information from the office, as well as your clothes, dishes and DVD collection. These resources are also a great place to get all of the packing materials you will need to protect your things while they are placed inside of the container storage units. When you rent a storage container to also hold furniture, consider getting furniture blankets and other wraps that can be used to prevent dings, dust and scratches from happening.

Where to Rent a Storage Container?

Fall River storage for homeowners and business owners can be rented, leased or purchased from Valtran. We have offices and locations throughout the northeastern states, providing delivery, setup and removal services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Give us a call at 1-800-813-2188 to get a FREE estimate on one of our Fall River moving and storage containers or to ask questions about our container storage units.