Whether you are doing a remodel or renovation on your current home, or if you are anticipating a move to a new home that you are currently building, one of the best tools that you can get are construction storage rentals. A storage container can be parked onsite in front of or next to your home, allowing you to move your furniture and other belongings into it temporarily while contractor work is being done on your home.

Construction storage containers can also be used in the event of emergency work, such as repairing a roof after a storm or making repairs after a fire. Some homeowners will even use these handy mobile storage containers in New Bedford to load up their entire household for a simpler, easier move across town or to another northeastern state. However you choose to use a storage container, this article will provide you with tips on how to load it better to maximize your space potential and to get the best results.

Getting Started: What You Need

In order to pack your belongings in such a way that they will be protected when the storage container is moved, either somewhere else on your property or to a new location, you will need some basic packing and moving supplies. Getting all of these items together ahead of time and keeping them in a central location will make your move much easier and prevent you from having to go back out to get something that you forgot.

For most moves you will need the following items:

  • moving cartons or boxes
  • markers to label the boxes
  • scissors to cut tape
  • shipping tape
  • assorted plastic zip bags for storing hardware and other loose items
  • screwdrivers – both Phillips and standard
  • bubble wrap or another type of packing material
  • moving blankets or old quilts that you already have on hand
  • packing peanuts and other “filler” material for fragile pieces

The Basics: How to Pack a Box

The best way to pack a box is to think first about what will go in it and how it will be moved. You don’t want to pack your boxes so full that they are difficult to move around, but you also want to make sure that you put more than one or two items inside, so you can maximize your space in the construction storage containers.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the item is breakable. Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned with packing peanuts or other filler materials. Make sure to clearly label that the item in the box is FRAGILE by writing on the carton in a couple of places. If the box should remain upright for extra protection, draw arrows and write “this side up” so you will remember.

Always tape the bottom of the boxes so they won’t fall open. Even if this is just a temporary situation where you are using construction storage rentals during a remodeling project, make sure to protect your belongings. Make sure boxes are filled so that nothing can move so items won’t get broken, dented or chipped. Mark what room the boxes came from so you will be able to find things easily when you unpack.

Advanced Packing: Specialty Items

One of the biggest problems that people have with packing up their things to load in mobile storage containers in New Bedford is knowing how to pack specialty or odd-shaped items. This section will give you some tips on some common objects that need a little extra attention and care before you pack them up to place inside your moving or construction storage containers.

  • ELECTRONICS – The best way to pack electronic items, such as televisions, stereos, DVD players, satellite/cable boxes or anything else that you have to move, is to place them inside the original packing and boxes. If you don’t have the original packaging, check box retailers for generic electronics boxes that allow you to add or remove foam liners to provide a snug fit for your electronic items. If you don’t have the manufacturer’s box, you should consider moving a flat screen television separately in your vehicle for best results.
  • FURNITURE – Odd or large sized furniture can be difficult to move, even just around the house. It is important to take apart any pieces that you can to make moving easier, just make sure to put screws, bolts, washers and any other hardware in a plastic zip bag and tape the bag to the underside of the furniture. Table legs can be taken off of dining room tables to protect them from damage and the table top can be wrapped in moving blankets or bubble wrap before loading into the storage container.
  • DISHES/GLASSES – There are special dish and glass boxes available that will allow you to protect them during your move. There are partitions inside of the box to allow for adequate separation during storage or moving in your mobile storage containers in New Bedford. All fragile items, especially China dishes and glassware, should be wrapped and protected in packing paper. Even everyday dishes should be wrapped individually in packing paper for extra protection. Don’t forget to clearly mark the box as FRAGILE so you won’t forget.

Where to Get a Storage Container in New Bedford

For over 10 years, Valtran has been providing quality construction storage containers to clients throughout the New England, New Jersey and New York area. Give us a call at 800-813-2188 and get a FREE estimate on renting a storage container for your next moving or remodeling project. Contractors and construction companies can contact Valtran to find out about rental, lease and purchasing options for long-term use of our mobile storage containers in New Bedford.