When it comes to using a storage container to store your belongings, many people often think about negative situations such as floods, fires, divorces and foreclosures as being the top reasons why homeowners might want to use these types of mobile storage containers in New Bedford or the surrounding area. However, the truth is that there are also some pretty amazing reasons why you might want to rent construction containers for use at your home.

This article will attempt to take a “glass half full” approach to residential construction storage and show you the positive situations where a construction storage container rental would be beneficial to you and your family.

Getting Married

When you decide to share your life with someone, you are also agreeing to share their stuff. Getting married right out of college when you don’t have a lot of furniture or things to your name makes it easy, but for people who get married later in life or at least after they have lived in their own place for awhile, merging the furniture and double kitchen items can sometimes be overwhelming. Using a storage container to bring new items into an existing and established residence can give you the time you need to go through the boxes of things that the new spouse is bringing into the home.

The last thing you want to do is to be rushed when making this important merger, so using mobile storage containers in New Bedford is often the best choice. There’s no rush, no hurry and you can rent the unit for as long as you need it – just call our team when you are ready for us to pick it up. We can even drop it off at one location, wait for you to load it and call us, then take it to the new home where you will begin your life together. Forget renting a moving truck, paying for all that fuel and driving across the state or to another state – Valtran will take care of all those little details for you.

Having Children

Once you move in and create a home for the two of you, you might start thinking about starting a family. Children come with all sorts of furniture and accessories of their own. From cribs and changing tables to swings and bouncy chairs, you will want to make sure you have room for it all in your home. If you are converting a home office or den into a nursery, you will want to make sure that you protect the out-going furniture and the in-coming furniture during this process. Construction storage container rental units are a great way to keep everything safe, dust, dirt and debris free during the move.

You can even take all of the out-going furniture and load it up into a storage container for long-term storage. Homeowners with room onsite to house residential construction storage may want to look into purchasing one of our shipping container storage units. Over the years you will want to upgrade the nursery to a room for an older child and you might want to store the crib and baby furniture for another child in the future. Having access to an onsite storage container can make it easy to shift things as your life changes and evolves over time. Rental units are helpful as well, allowing you to store items while re-painting, re-carpeting or remodeling a room.

Children Moving Out

As all children do, eventually your babies will leave the nest. Hopefully they will take all of their furniture, sports equipment and collected items with them. If not, a storage container can be a great way to keep it all safe for them while you turn their old room into a guest room, home office or craft space. Construction containers can also be used to help your children move from point A to point B without having to drive an awkwardly over-sized moving truck to their new apartment or home. You can even store their things temporarily for a period of time if they decide to try out a new location before moving there on a permanent basis.

One of the biggest advantages of using mobile storage containers in New Bedford is that they are very flexible. Valtran does not require long term rentals or lease contracts, you just call our customer service agents to get a FREE estimate on the cost for renting a unit based on the size you need and then schedule a delivery and setup at your location. When you are finished using the unit, just give us a call and we will pick it up right away at your convenience. We know that making a move can leave a lot of things up in the air, so we work hard to be as flexible as possible for our customers as we can.


One of the things that many people do when they retire is downsize. Moving from a large home that was once filled with children to a smaller, more affordable and more manageable home can be very desirable as we get older. Listing your house for sale gives you a great opportunity to begin moving out the furniture and things that you won’t be taking with you when you downsize to a smaller home. It also gives you the opportunity to begin moving the things that you will take with you into a residential construction storage container that can be moved to the new location for easy unloading when you are ready.

Many of the construction storage container rental units that we have will easily fit in a parking space or two at an apartment complex, condo community or senior living center, depending on where you will be moving. Our team will deliver your storage container to the new location and will pick it up again once you call and let us know that it is empty. Again, no more renting a big moving truck, having to load it all up, move things into temporary storage, rent another big moving truck, load it all up again and move into your new home.

Children Moving Back In

Today’s economy often means that multiple generations are living under one roof. Sometimes when children move back home, they bring along a spouse and some children as well. If you are doing the opposite of downsizing and are instead opening up your home to more family members, you will still likely need to use our mobile storage containers in New Bedford to store all of the extra furniture from your home, as well as the excess furniture that your children and their families bring with them.

Speak with our customer service agents about requirements for delivering and setting up a residential construction storage unit on your property or for any questions about where this type of storage container can be kept in your area. Using a construction storage container rental helps you to keep control over your belongings, provides you with 24/7 access to them and helps you to free up more space in your home for children, grand-children and any in-laws that come in tow.

Call Valtran today at 1-800-813-2188 for a FREE estimate on renting one of our residential storage containers for your home. With units that range from 10 feet to over 40 feet in length, we have a storage solution that is right for you.