When it comes time to move your things, whether you are moving across town or to another state in the northeast, one of the best ways to make your move run a lot smoother, while saving you time and money is to use moving and storage containers. Compared to other options, such as renting a moving truck or using an off-site self-storage facility to temporarily move some items into storage in the midst of a move, mobile containers in Boston help you to reduce your overall moving costs, help you to move on your terms and avoid costly rentals, such as a moving trucks, fuel for moving trucks and other related equipment.

While there are many reasons why moving with storage containers is much better for today’s homeowners and renters than other more traditional or conventional methods, this particular article will focus on the four primary reasons why more and more residential moves in Boston and throughout the New England area are using moving and storage containers when they relocate. Discover all of the advantages associated with using temporary storage for homeowners and renters as an important time and money saving part of your next big move.

How It Works

When it comes time to pack up and move all of your things to your new address, there’s no better way to reduce the amount of time, money and stress that can go into a typical move than to use mobile containers in Boston. Just call Valtran at 1-800-813-2188 and schedule delivery of your temporary storage for homeowners. Choose from several different sizes and types of moving and storage containers, set a delivery date and make sure to specify where you want the storage containers set up on your property. Valtran needs a flat, level surface to set up your mobile storage, such as compacted dirt, a driveway, concrete or asphalt. Many residential users have the unit set up on the street in front of their home when moving with storage containers. Check with your local ordinances, parking enforcement or homeowners association to find out if there are any regulations that prevent use of temporary mobile containers in your area.

On the day that you schedule delivery, Valtran will bring the moving and storage containers to your address and set it up so you can begin packing your furniture and other belongings. When you are ready for us to move your temporary storage for homeowners from the original site to the new location, just give us a call. This gives you the chance to begin packing and loading days or weeks ahead of your move, reducing the amount of move-associated stress that most people experience. There’s no worrying about scheduling a moving truck or paying for all that fuel, just call Valtran and we’ll move your packed storage container anywhere you like in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey or New York.

Reason #1 – Great for Staging

If you own your home and are preparing to sell it in advance of your move, moving and storage containers are an excellent solution. Valtran can deliver your temporary storage for homeowners ahead of your move, allowing you to move in excess furniture, off-season storage and anything else you won’t need while your home is on the market. Professional real estate marketers agree that the less cluttered your home is when you are trying to sell it, the easier it will be able to sell. Moving things into storage ahead of time helps you to reduce the amount of things that need to moved when you do finally sell your home and make the final move. Choose a smaller 10 or 20 foot ground level storage or cube-shaped storage for a smaller “staging” load of belongings and furniture.

Reason #2 – Eliminates the Storage Two-Step

Using moving and storage containers for a large move in the Boston area does not have to include multiple trips to the local self-storage facility to put away items that you won’t need at the new address if you are moving to a smaller space or are downsizing. Imagine loading everything up into the moving truck, driving it to the self-storage facility, unloading the truck, loading the items into the storage and then having to repeat the process again to retrieve everything once the move is complete. Moving with storage containers reduces more than half the steps required for a typical storage-included move for homeowners and renters in the New England area.

Reason #3 – Move at Your Own Pace

When you rent a moving truck, time is money. The cost to rent the truck and pay for all that fuel to go back and forth from one location to the other can add up quickly. When you use moving and storage containers, you can move at your own pace. The cost is much less, allowing you to keep the temporary storage for homeowners on-site for days or weeks at a time without incurring unreasonable charges. Speak with a Valtran representative for information about using mobile containers in Boston and to find out about costs for keeping containers on-site for longer lengths of time to help reduce the urgency and stress of your move. Having the unit on-site allows you to move a bit at a time, going through each room of your home, sorting things you want and don’t want, rather than rushing and having to sort through everything at the new location or get stuck with things you really rather would have left behind.

Reason #4 – It’s Easy!

When you work with a company like Valtran to provide you with moving and storage containers for your next residential move, you don’t have to do any of the actual moving yourself. Our team delivers the mobile containers in Boston to your current address and will then move them anywhere in the eight northeastern states in our coverage range, set it up and allow you to unpack and move in at your own pace as well. When you are done, just give our team a call and we will come and pick up the temporary storage for homeowners and haul it away. You don’t have to worry about driving and parking a big truck in the big city or dealing with all that traffic. You also don’t have to pay for all the fuel required to operate a big rental moving truck. Moving with storage containers takes the pain out of moving and turns it into a laid back, easy experience.

Where to Get Mobile Containers in Boston

The best place to get moving and storage containers in the Greater Boston area for your next move is Valtran. Our team has over a decade of experience serving customers and clients in the State of Massachusetts and surrounding northeastern region, providing quality temporary storage for homeowners and moving solutions, as well as services for professional commercial and industrial businesses. Our line of heavy-duty steel construction shipping containers makes moving with storage containers the safest and most efficient way to move. Call our team today at 1-800-813-2188 to find out more about our services or to request a FREE estimate for your next move.