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65 kVA Generator

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Our 65kVA prime power generators provide 167 amps at three-phase 208V and 152 amps in single-phase 240V with 28.5 hour runtime at full load. Our containment system provides 110% containment for fuel, oil and coolant.

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Output @ Rated Speed (1,800RPM) 86.5HP
Prime Power 65kVA/51kw
Standby Power 69.3kVA/55.4kW
Voltage Single Phase (Switchable) 120V/240V/277V
Voltage Three Phase (Switchable) 208V/240V/416V/480V
Amperage Single Phase 120v 152A x 2
Amperage Single Phase 240V 152A
Amperage Three Phase 208V 167A
Amperage Three Phase 240V 152A
Amperage Three Phase 480V 76A
Runtime @ Full Load 28.5 Hours
Integral Fuel Tank Capacity 111 Gallons
EPA Emissions Level Tier 4 Final
Operating Weight 4,189lb
Dimensions 160″L x 74″W x 84.25″ H